Saturday, February 02, 2008

A non-post post

Does posting about not posting really count? Because this is my post about my lack of posts. I'm just writing to excuse my absence. To be honest I hardly knit at all through most of December and the beginning of January. And with Ravelry, my other blog, Facebook, Myspace, Gmail and blog reading going on I hardly had much "online-time" to post anyways. And don't get me started on my new friend BitTorrent and it's stash of Battle Star Galactica episodes (my heart goes pitter-pat)!

So I haven't posted. But I will...or I might... I've been knitting more recently anyhow and should have some things to share with you...if you're still out there...if you ever existed at all.

Well, Happy February anyways!

(Today would be my Grandpa's birthday if you still had birthdays after you go use a hammer or a tool, or go fix something in his honor, would you?)

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