Thursday, April 28, 2005

I love mail!

I just rec'd my Cascade 220 from WEBS and the blue/green color I got is GORGEOUS and is perfect with the 10ply heavyweight Chuckanut Bay yarn I have for felting as well. Now I just have to decide on a project. I'm trying to decide between slippers and a purse. I'd easily just say purse (as it's a bit warm for slippers now) but I have one felted slipper pattern and 5 or more felted purse patterns and don't like having to jump from one choice into 5 choices.

Does anyone have good Felt-For-Summer patterns?

My Yoga Mat bag is 3/4 finished and my Feather Lace shawl is 1/2 done, and both were started within the past week and a half! Zoom! I love how quickly lace builds up!

In other news...

I'm super excited about my upcoming vacation to SF and NY. I'm just scared all my knitting projects will be over and I'll have to come up with new ones for the trip. *mock gasp of horror*

I'm also considering introducing knitting terminology into my daily vocabulary.

"How are you feeling today?"

"Oh, I don't know, a bit drop stitchy." ( I'm losing it/A bit spaced out)

"Chunky...with slubs"(It's a bad hair day, a bad face day, and I think I might have gained 10lbs at lunch)

"Mohairish"(Please Don't disturb me, or I'll leave a trail of shit everywhere )

"I feel like ripping a sweater and knitting a cozy"(I've lost all sanity and I'm joining a cult)

"I've had worsted days, but today's a bit lacy."(Everything is a bit harder today, and I might as well be knitting laceweight with toothpicks)

What do you think?...yeah, me too...but it would be fun.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Projects, I've got projects...

Okay, since I haven't posted in a while I should probably update. I've bought about $80 of yarn in the past week, and I don't really know why...okay at least 3/4 of the cost was for specific projects, and the rest was impulse "i might need this" buying.

I started on the "Cozy" wrap from Knitty, with a lovely Merino/Silk/Cotton/Acrylic blend that has interesting flecks of color and slubs in it. Unfortunately I realized far too late into it, that my knitting was 25" wide and the pattern is 18.75, so my 8 skeins of yarn are not going to produce 67.5 inches of length. It looks like it will be about 25" x 50", which is not an appealing proportion for me.

I'm going to try to head back to the yarn store tomorrow to see if there are any skeins left, but since I got it off the 25% off table I'm not entirely optimistic (plus I fear going anyplace I might end up buying more yarn right now). If I can't find more I plan on finding some complementary yarn for some sort of fringe on both ends of the wrap.

I wanted to do the new ASANA patern from Knitty, but haven't been able to find the yarn yet, and ended up buying a bunch of Peaches and Cream cotton at Walmart the other day and deciding to knit the Yoga Mat Bag from SnB Nation with it. I'm pretty excited by the bright Orange and yellow tones with my Lavander Mat; it looks really electric.

I bought a 1 pound cone of Peaches & Cream in White as well, because it was only $5.65 and it looked so clean and fresh I felt I had to make something with it. I'd be tempted to try a ASANA-like pattern with it if it weren't my first project and I hadn't heard so many horror stories about working with 100% Cotton.

I'm looking for some rapid satisfaction projects too, and when my Cascade 220 comes in from WEBS I'll probably crank out some felted slippers and a bag. I bought some more Chuckanut Bay 10ply from the sale table at the LYS and can't wait to felt with it again (It did even better than Cascade on my last project)

I'm still looking for friends with digital cameras in Chicago so I can post all my pictures, until I splurge on my own (I'm just too picky to get a cheap one). But hopefully I'll soon be showing off like all the cool kids on the web (I'm envying Fluffa's and Rock Chick's FO lately)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My expensive little obsession

Why did WEBS ( have to have such a great sale on Cascade 220 the same day as I'm paying $500+ for car repairs? Did they know of my desire to do more felting and that I couldn't pass up $4.70/ skein??? Evil, evil websites. Cruel torturous websites. Demanding brainwashing websites. 8 skeins later...

Maybe this is why I had to transfer money from savings today?


In lighter news my Clapotis was a big hit at SnB, and I got to show it off and even do a little twirl. Should I leave out the fact that it was soooo comfy I wound up sleeping with it around my shoulders last night? too late, it's already out there.

So I needed something to do at SnB last night so I started working on a lace pattern. I got to the 6th row and was still doing alright, so maybe I WILL be able to do lace (despite my fears of it), although I'm not sure the wool blend yarn I started with is the best choice for lacework, so perhaps some other (more expensive) yarn will step forward to tell me it is the best choice for lacework.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Clapotis FINISHED!!!

Finally finished my clapotis, just need to weave in the ends and I can wear it in all its fabulousness tomorrow to SnB! (I don't care if it turns out to be 90 degrees!)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Almost done

My clapotis is down to about 50 stitchs on the needles, with one more stich being dropped each row. I keep wrapping it about me to see what it will look like finished. The mohair has a beautiful drape and the colors are really lovely. I'm hoping it will be finished by or at SnB on Tuesday.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yummy Silk

I am so in love with the recycled silk sari yarn I "won" on ebay. It is gorgeous!!! I decided I had to make something with it right away, and without any patterns that seemed worthy I decided I could use an amazing, multicolored belt.

I decided to crochet the belt so that it wouldn't stretch as much as if knit, and quickly whipped it up last night. I put it on and decided it was gorgeous, but needed something to balance out the bright splash of color, so I started playing with it and wound up wrapping it around my neck (french scarf style) and loved having the bright colors up near my face so much that I wore all black today and have my lovely "tie" on right now.

I might just make a choker out of the same technique so I can still wear the one I've made as a belt and have a little "coordination" (said in my best Boomerang voice)