Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yummy Silk

I am so in love with the recycled silk sari yarn I "won" on ebay. It is gorgeous!!! I decided I had to make something with it right away, and without any patterns that seemed worthy I decided I could use an amazing, multicolored belt.

I decided to crochet the belt so that it wouldn't stretch as much as if knit, and quickly whipped it up last night. I put it on and decided it was gorgeous, but needed something to balance out the bright splash of color, so I started playing with it and wound up wrapping it around my neck (french scarf style) and loved having the bright colors up near my face so much that I wore all black today and have my lovely "tie" on right now.

I might just make a choker out of the same technique so I can still wear the one I've made as a belt and have a little "coordination" (said in my best Boomerang voice)

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