Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My expensive little obsession

Why did WEBS ( have to have such a great sale on Cascade 220 the same day as I'm paying $500+ for car repairs? Did they know of my desire to do more felting and that I couldn't pass up $4.70/ skein??? Evil, evil websites. Cruel torturous websites. Demanding brainwashing websites. 8 skeins later...

Maybe this is why I had to transfer money from savings today?


In lighter news my Clapotis was a big hit at SnB, and I got to show it off and even do a little twirl. Should I leave out the fact that it was soooo comfy I wound up sleeping with it around my shoulders last night? too late, it's already out there.

So I needed something to do at SnB last night so I started working on a lace pattern. I got to the 6th row and was still doing alright, so maybe I WILL be able to do lace (despite my fears of it), although I'm not sure the wool blend yarn I started with is the best choice for lacework, so perhaps some other (more expensive) yarn will step forward to tell me it is the best choice for lacework.

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Satan said...

Yes, those web-sites ARE some of my best work.