Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Letter TLetter Itile g

Clapotis past the 1/2 point, felted purse on it's way to Hawaii, silk sari yarn on it's way to me.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Finished Buttonhole!!

I'm still wishing I had a digital camera to post pics of my beautiful buttonhole purse. I love it! The only thing I had a problem with was my own poor following of instructions and my fear of the loose yarn. The first led to my missing a row of straight knit between rows of increases, and the second led to my tightening up of my cast-on stitches at the bottom of the bag and creating a little weird indent on the FO. :(

In a lovely ceremony lacking in all pomp and traditional presentation methods the purse was given to my friend last night (still stuffed with a bag of flour and a bath towel as it wasn't quite finished drying.)

Today we went to lunch before I took them to the airport and she proudly carried her little sack around her wrist. She really does love it and called it a "Very Kennly Bag" (I knew it would be a perfect match.)

So now I feel a little disappointed that Clapotis is the only thing I'm working on and will probably be finding something to start with all the wool I just got delivered (7 lbs natural white for dying and felting, 8lbs- 2 different greens for whatever, and 2 skeins of crazy colored sock yarn.) Any Suggestions?

Eating: Ceasar Salad
Reading: A new "Operations Quick Reference Guide" for work
Doing: still trying to clear out all the stuff from my friend's apartment.

Monday, March 21, 2005


I just finished knitting the Buttonhole purse (yes, at work) and wove in all the ends (not completely though, since I figure they'll be pretty much felted-in anyhow. I absolutely LOVE the colors. It is a dark purple on the base and bottom, then there is a thin stripe of a violet that's almost periwinkle, and then the whole top is red. I can't wait to get home and felt it. I probably won't be home until 1AM, so it will probably be a REALLY late night.

Eating: Teriyaki rice & veggies
Reading: Going to start the "How to survive" book. Catching up on blogs.
Doing: FELTING!!! Yay!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

ebay crazy

I went on ebay for the first time last week. I went a bit crazy. It's so easy to want to "win" and I bought a couple of things that I realize I don't "need" (like we really "need" yarn) and don't even have any project planned for. So I've got about 15lbs of yarn headed to my house in the next week or so. :) I've got a buch of white and two different greens, and some burgandy that the seller still hasn't accepted my paypal on yet.

I'm thinking I might try dying the white yarn (it's bulky weight New Zealand Wool) and Felting with all of the white and the green. I had a bunch of projects I wanted to felt and was a bit put off after my first trip to the LYS to purchase wool for just one of them ($37 for a single purse??) So if I can do some felt projects in bulk bought yarn I'll feel a lot better. I guess it all depends on initial swatch tests.

I was KIP last knight outside a theatre where I finished the 12th row of my 4th round of the middle part of my clapotis. Since the middle is 12 rounds long and I'm starting the 5th I'm getting really close to the 1/2 way point and far too close to finishing off my 2nd skein (which if it doesn't last through the 6th round means I'll be a bit short. Oops! I thought I would need 3 skeins, so I bought 4...and I'm still cutting it close.

Reading: Finished Blood Chronicles, waiting for Lasher to come in at the library, got 2 new books from Kennly "How to survive in Business without a penis" and "How to work when your boss is an idiot"
Eating: Pizza galore last night, ravioli tonight
Doing: Clapotis, helping the packers, need to start buttonhole purse if I'm to finish before they leave Wednesday

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Learning new things everyday

So I went to SnB last night and mentioned to the girl who had recommended them that I had just rec'd my new Denise needles. I showed her the swatch I felted for the purse I'm going to do and suddenly I got boatloads of felting tips.

Now I had been doing my online research on felting and thought I had a pretty good handle on it, but these ladies doubled my knowledge. Amongst the gems of knowledge rec'd: pour boiling water into the wash if it's not felting fast enough, shock it every now by taking it out and plunging it in cold water, don't add too much soap, if you are getting holes and you knit one size needles down you won't have to felt as long but will end up with exactly the same size.

I'm really excited to get started on the buttonhole purse for my friend Kennly
and I showed her the swatch yesterday and she seemed to like it. YAY!

I'm almost to the 1/2 way point on my Clapotis (from in cypress green mohair) and I'm still loving it. I just wish I could drop stitches more often. I was looking at a pattern in SnB Nation (which I won off of General Ginger's blog!) for a scarf where you get to drop a bunch of stitches every 4th row. That sounds like fun! I'm also considering trying out some lace projects--but they really scare me I'm certain I'll get to the 15th row of some complex pattern and drop a stitch and not be able to pick it up and have to frog it--and that will happen 3 or 4 times and I'll give up.

Okay, I need to go home and knit now :)

Reading: The Blood Chronicles- Anne Rice
Eating: Only after sunset (funny how that ties in with what I'm reading)
Doing: Helping Sean and Kennly pack

Monday, March 14, 2005

I am a knitter, and it seems all the knitters blog

I picked up my needles and hooks and yarn in December and have been creating in fiber ever since. I've been perusing the many knitting blogs for the past couple of months and so I decided that I might as well add to the endless chatter with my voice and my life. I may just have to buy a digital camera in order to be a "real" knitting blogger, but I'll have to start with just talk.