Monday, March 21, 2005


I just finished knitting the Buttonhole purse (yes, at work) and wove in all the ends (not completely though, since I figure they'll be pretty much felted-in anyhow. I absolutely LOVE the colors. It is a dark purple on the base and bottom, then there is a thin stripe of a violet that's almost periwinkle, and then the whole top is red. I can't wait to get home and felt it. I probably won't be home until 1AM, so it will probably be a REALLY late night.

Eating: Teriyaki rice & veggies
Reading: Going to start the "How to survive" book. Catching up on blogs.
Doing: FELTING!!! Yay!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Salad

As the poster of the first comment, I am truly sorry I offended you to the point of deletion. It was only in jest, a poor attempt to inject some humour into a profession which is seen, at best, as dowdy. As you are aware, not all of us knitters are the buttoned down types (no pun intended).

Good luck with your felting

Knitting Monthly Magazine

PS. Instead of reading 'How to survive' you could try not knitting at work. This may help you slay those male dominated stereotypes. If this is too harsh please let me know (rather than delete me again)

Valerie said...

"Instead of reading 'How to survive' you could try not knitting at work. This may help you slay those male dominated stereotypes."

Why should I change my behaviors to suit a society that believes that anything "feminine" or even "domestic" is of less value? I think my knitting is a far more intelligent, practical and unobtrusive use of time than some of my co-worker's playing of online party poker, or watching television.

And I deleted your comment because it was rude and unasked for. I started a blog for my own personal reference and would only give it out if I was posting on another knitter's site. I didn't invite you to my site and if you meant the statement in jest it did not come across that way, and perhaps you should reserve your "humour" for your non-buttoned down, dowdy friends. If this is too harsh let me know.

Anonymous said...

Valerie has some verve...

No suggestion that you should change your behaviour to suit any section of society which devalues the feminine. Interest in such a book implies (to me) that you're concerned with the issues presented to women by male oriented/driven work practices and conducting personal projects at work will rarely be seen as dedication to career or professionalism. It just means your already behind the game. Your co-workers lack of professional enthusiasm has little influence over your own.

and... My comment (without voice) was certainly rude. The deletion was fair. But, this is an on-line diary and no invites are needed. Beautiful isn't it?! If it takes my fancy I can read your page and comment on it.

Hope you enjoyed the Easter period

Knitters Monthly Magazine