Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Finished Buttonhole!!

I'm still wishing I had a digital camera to post pics of my beautiful buttonhole purse. I love it! The only thing I had a problem with was my own poor following of instructions and my fear of the loose yarn. The first led to my missing a row of straight knit between rows of increases, and the second led to my tightening up of my cast-on stitches at the bottom of the bag and creating a little weird indent on the FO. :(

In a lovely ceremony lacking in all pomp and traditional presentation methods the purse was given to my friend last night (still stuffed with a bag of flour and a bath towel as it wasn't quite finished drying.)

Today we went to lunch before I took them to the airport and she proudly carried her little sack around her wrist. She really does love it and called it a "Very Kennly Bag" (I knew it would be a perfect match.)

So now I feel a little disappointed that Clapotis is the only thing I'm working on and will probably be finding something to start with all the wool I just got delivered (7 lbs natural white for dying and felting, 8lbs- 2 different greens for whatever, and 2 skeins of crazy colored sock yarn.) Any Suggestions?

Eating: Ceasar Salad
Reading: A new "Operations Quick Reference Guide" for work
Doing: still trying to clear out all the stuff from my friend's apartment.

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