Friday, July 01, 2005

Brickish- the knitting series

When life gives you:

synthic acrylics that are really scratchy in bright crafty colors... make ugly kitch cozies for things and people that don't need or want cozies. (I'm thinking of making one for the Mini Webber Grill that looks wrong sitting in our kitchen)

5 lbs of Chunky weight wool that is rough and won't felt ...experiment with hair dyes. (I never did have the courage to actually use that fire engine red on my actual head anyhow)

wool yarn that falls apart...felt.


Anonymous said...

You remember that website you sent me to? The one your shawl came from. Well, they have this wonderfully tacky hat/wig made from hot pink acrylic yarn. I can't wait to make it for Rachael. She wanted to dye her hair hot pink in college, but having really dark brown hair, could only manage Ronald McDonald orange. This is her chance! And no growing it out (for 3 years!)
Madame Maman

Valerie said...

That was one of the first patterns I printed out....I never actually made it, but I love the idea and will probably make it one day.