Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mmmm....Ball winding

I admit: up until this point I've thought of knitting as a hobby, and something that I might eventually tire of and quit (although probably to return to from time to time). Last night I learned how wrong I was. After Stich-n-Bitch, my tuesday night knitting group, I begged a favor of one of my fellow knitters and returned to their place to wind down some skeins of yarn into balls. Not having a swift and ball winder I had plenty of skeins waiting, and had been delaying several projects while waiting to do this.

I arrived and emptied out a large lingerie bag full of yarn (mostly Cascade 220, and some laceweight alpaca from KnitPicks). I started with a lovely blue/green Cascade on one ball winder while Rachel started on the alpaca on a second ball winder. Winding big hanks of yarn into perfect, amazing center pull balls is incredible! When I pulled off the first ball and looked at it I gasped and got goosebumps. It was like the wonderment one feels when they look at a newborn. My friend looked at me and went "Oh yeah, SHE's a knitter"

Yeah, so I'm definitely a knitter, and I'll definitely be getting my own ball winder and swift at some point. And now I can use all my beautiful perfect balls to make beautiful (if not exactly perfect) knitted objects. Ahhhh....good times.

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