Friday, November 24, 2006

Knitters in my novel?

Why yes, there ARE knitters in my novel. But they're getting recruited for surveillance/intelligence work to infiltrate an organization with their clever chatting skills & use special devices hidden inside circular knitting needles.

I'm still working on what the motivation to take this huge risk of becoming spies would be for these knitters (a nice mix of 20-50 yr old women and one 29 yr old gay man). You want to help in a "choose your own adventure" sort of way?

So which of these cliche movie motivators do you think it is?

A) A member of their knitting circle is kidnapped by the bad guys and they must get involved to help save them (just about every kidnap or scary movie ever)
B) The knitters commit some crime for which they will be severely punished if they don't participate (Triple X)
C) Some bad guys are going to destroy the world, steal a nuke, etc., and no one is more qualified than their rag-tag team to stop them. (Armageddon)
D) They are (or are told) they are just the decoys, and have no real danger (but of course they do and save the day) (Spies like us)

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SarahA said...

I vote for A. because I feel like it would be more likely. But then, maybe I just jaded into thinking that no one would bother doing anything about anything unless they knew someone involved. Of course, it could also turn out that the kidnapped person was actually already an undercover agent and wasn't really in danger at all. Hmmm... Maybe I should be writing my novel instead of commenting on yours.

Trope said...

I vote for D! Of course, I've read too many Mrs. Pollifax novels.

Katy said...

I vote for the bad guys having a knitting group/LYS as cover for their escapades (and to launder the money), and the knitters get sucked into the spiral of trouble.

Or D.