Thursday, April 05, 2007

A combination of new yarns

A combination of new yarns
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So I thought I'd update on some of my new yarns since I don't have much Finished or In-Progress knitting to show you. These are some yarns I bought from and

The thicker stuff will probably be used for felting while the violet is for a new Tivoli tee to replace the one I lost and the top two on the left are lace-weight yarns for some shawls or wraps.

Although I am working on something now I doubt there will be any progress pics, just a grand finale picture.

Oh and I'll try to post some of my finished swallowtail in-use as well.

In Knitting related news I went to Loopy for a book signing party last night and met Amy Singer of Knitty fame. She was really fun! Just the kind of knitter I'd want to hang out with! (although admittedly that is MOST knitters). Upon meeting her she instantly pointed at my wrap said "COZY!" and snapped a picture. Moments later she saw my knitting bag and insisted on another picture, so I was seeing spots the whole time I was yarn shopping.

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