Monday, September 12, 2005

The death of Asana

I completed all the fasteners and got the straps positioned on Asana last night. At that point I looked at it and decided I would never wear it. It just didn't fit me right. The back, right where the top band connected was buckling, the center band didn't really do much, and the lowest band was just too low and would constantly either be showing my underwear or the top of my pants above it. The sides in the back didn't come far enough around and made me look pudgy. I looked at the possibility of putting another fabric in the back--something strechy that would cover the hole, and decided I should take off the center tabs and see what that looked like. I took off the tabs and determined NOTHING would make this shirt work on me, and I would have to pretty much re-do the entire thing if I wanted this pattern to work.

SO...all is not lost. I took off the center tabs and began playing with the remaining I-shaped fabric. My bottom band was a lot longer and more loosely knit than my top band, and ties quite nicely into a knot, and the garter ribbing of the top band is really quite nice and has an interesting drape. I ended up making the piece into a kind of halter with a draping neckline. Think something like this, but not quite as low cut or tight. It's actually quite flattering on me that way, but the open back is pretty revealing, and I might wear a tank under it most of the time.

I actually like the fit of my "new" piece so much I'm thinking of ways to improve it, and purposefully make a pattern for it.
I'm planning on wearing it tonight, I'll post some pics later.

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