Sunday, September 11, 2005

So as Asana nears completion I needed a new project to start... And I've found one! I think it is always a good sign when you see that a few dozen people have all done the project and you've seen them, and they've had fantastic results. The Picovoli seems to have a high success rate (as shown here) I can't wait to get started and bought some yarn from Knit Picks last night in a lovely turquoise-->

Now I know it looks a lot like the yarn I used for Asana, but it IS darker, and besides, that color looks great on me :)

While shopping I also picked up some laceweight alpaca and am hoping to make a lacy shrug that will be suprisingly warm (if it lives up to alpaca reputation). ...I'm excited to be wearing llama fur, and am thinking I might let my mom borrow something made in alpaca to see if it bothers her (she's allergic to sheep's wool, but most people say she should be fine with alpaca). If she's alpaca tolerant I might be able to make her something that's actually warm and not just decorative this winter.

In Asana news: I've bought the ribbon for the straps and some small snaps that will accompany flat pant hooks in helping keep the back closed and somewhat neat looking. I'd probably be finishing it up today at work except I brought everything else I needed and forgot the yarn (d'oh). Plan to see finished pictures within the week.

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