Monday, December 05, 2005

Great news on the knitting front, Sad news on the picture front

So my camera went comatose on me. I'm trying to find my warrentee information, as it's been less than 6 months since I got it, but for now I'm just sad and a little pissed. Battery is fully charged, but there is absolutely no response when you (try to)turn it on

And I had such great photos to share!!!

I'm working on two scarves right now, and both of them are shaping up to be quite beautiful! One is alpaca and silk and the other is pure baby alpaca. One is a deep wine red, and the other is called "Grass" and is a crisp, pale yellowish-green.

The red scarf has a seed stitch border, then a pair of paired lattice panels, then a center "X" and "O" cable worked in threes running up the center (three downs then three ups which form and "O" in the middle, then three downs forming and "X" in the center)

The green scarf has a broad moss stitch border and a spiral and latticework center panel

I have great pictures that I took before my camera died. I'd love to share them with you. Boo.


Anonymous said...

You are so hooked. Button?!? You are so hooked, girlfriend! No hope for you. And Alpaca! I'm tinged with envy. I just received some (natural black) alpaca for my birthday. It is two small balls and supposed to be enough for a sweater. I am having a bit of trouble imagining it, but I was thinking of a shawl. I want it to be reversible. Got any ideas?

Madame Maman

Valerie said...

well if it's two small balls and enough to be a sweater I'm guessing it's lace weight and will strech out to a lacy sweater. With anything that tiny the two sides aren't going to look all that different.

Now if I'm wrong and it's a larger yarn I would think there would be two ideal options for something reversible: Either a pattern that is made up of alternating knit and purl stiches (like diamonds of purl stiches checkerboarded with knit stitches) that would pretty much look the same or an inverted image of the other side, or a pattern that was worked on background of purl stiches that then formed something else on the other side--like a pattern done in a knit column on one side with two columns of purl that are actually patterned knit on the other side.

Anonymous said...

By the way, have you visited the button museum? That is not what it is called, but it is somewhere not too far from your parents. The museum is a collection of a guy's carving and his wife collected buttons, so the two (unlikely) are together. I would love to visit it one of these days. I think it something like Werther? Wurther?
madame maman