Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Done" as a catchall

At my company I had to get used to all the abbreviations, the expressions, and the new vocabulary when I first started. It took much longer for me however to get used to what has been described to me as "New York Style" hurry talk.

I'm a rather talkative person, and am a big believer in being precise, and usually trying to be as clear as possible often necessitates (or at least is supported by) longer sentences with more words. Because of my wordy background it made it difficult for me to feel at peace with the fact that when I sent an email to a department in our corporate office asking for multiple things and often posing (what I thought were complex)questions and I would receive a one-word response:


Was it all done? Or just the first query? Were my questions unnecessary and need I no longer worry about the problems? Do I need to check an make sure all the changes were done?

I eventually got used to "done" and now find it funny when it pops into my mind after someone or something presents a long list of questions or some complex situation that "feel" as if they need a detailed or explainitory response.

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Trope said...

Heh. I know what you mean with the hurry talk email! I seem to be the only one at work who wants to explain things. I got your comment, by the way, and I've joined the party here! Yay!