Wednesday, March 29, 2006

That irksome feeling at the edge of your mind

Have you ever made a mistake in your knitting that you weren't sure you could fix?

No lifelines?

Lots of yarn overs?

Not sure if ripping back or tinking down was an option?

Have you ever had to let that mistake sit for HOURS before you could fix it?

Towards the end of SnB tonight I was gesturing and pulled my work back on my needles so that I could use the needle as a "prop"...I dropped two stiches in the middle of a row. It was in the middle of a Purse Stitch section (lots of YO, Purl 2Tog--on both sides kind of stuff). I tried to pick up, but it had dropped down two rows.

I tried to figure it out for about 10 minutes.

My cashmere/alpaca yarn started to fuzz out a bit.

I decided to drop down the ten stiches of purse stich for three rows and re-knit them.

I moved to a better lit seat.

I frogged back the section and picked up stitches and re-worked them.

I looked over the work.

Still something wrong, but now across an entire row, rather than right in the middle.

No time left I had to pack up and go. It's been 5 hours and I still haven't fixed it.

It's haunting my mind.

...I thought knitting was supposed to EASE stress. This is worse than worrying if I left the oven on and the water running combined! Get it OUT!

Yes, yes, I know the only way to make it stop.

I'm off to frog some more.

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