Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ruby Red a take on the Green Gable

There are some really cool things about Raglan tops...

A while back I realized that I had somehow lost my Tivoli shirt--the first real shirt/sweater that I had ever knit. I really liked the pattern and have been considering knitting it again.

Of course there would be changes, as I learned a bit from knitting the first one and a second one that I made with variations.

I've been loving the pictures of the "Green Gable" and thought I might do a Tivoli with a lace panel on the top like the GG has.

So when I came across a great deal on some Cotton/Merino Cascade Sierra at 40% off I bought 3 skeins and set to work the next day.

After getting to the portion where one would split the sleeve from the body I faltered. I'm not so sure I like the lace panel where it sits and think it might look better if I rotate the whole thing 90 degrees and use the lace as the cap sleeve.

Biding for time before making a decision I drop down every 4th stitch of the flat sections' panels to create a few rows of 3 by 1 ribbing to keep the edge from curling as much.

Then ran yarn lines through half of the stitches so I could "try on" my creation. What do you think the outcome will be?


aimee said...

great idea to turn the raglan and have the sleeves be lace! i'm just starting a picovoli [sans picots], and now i'm inspired to add some lacy-ness. what lace pattern are you using? it looks great!

Valerie said...

It's a mix between a Trellis stitch and a purse stitch. Basically it's:

Round 1: *K1,YO* across on first sleeve, *YO,K1* on second and then
Round 2: *P1,YO* and *YO, P1*