Monday, May 23, 2005


This once a week posting is pretty pitiful, but then, trying to catch up with all the crap at work is pretty pitiful too. Here's some teaser highlights from the past few weeks, I'll add more later:

>Dancing, dining, and travelling in San Francisco and Oakland
>Yoga stretch with Beth "'s gonna hurt...we'll stay like this for about 3 minutes" Aucoin
>Bubble tea in Oakland Chinatown
>Really great sketches from at 3AM
>Amazing Indian food from Rotti in San Francisco
>Improv Games at Dave's house where I become "Bob the exterminator"
>Getting 12"-15" chopped off my hair in Santa Rosa
>Driving over the Golden Gate bridge costs $5
>Writing my cousin's college paper for her with her boyfriend
>Leaving my cell phone in Santa Rosa
>Missing 2 Flights
>Flying into New York without contact with the person I was staying with.
>West Coast Swing, Tango, Lindy and more constantly for 2 weeks!
>Jazz Legend Dawn Hampton "Shakin' it" for a dancer's auction
>Brooklyn Art Museum
>The Bollywood Birthday Song
>Knitting in 3 airports, several trains, 4 cities, and Central Park.
>Seeing Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
>Dancing in front of Lincoln Center
>Shopping in the Fashion District
>Sparkly shoes at the best price in town.
>Cheesecake from Maxie's
>Recognition of my superior shopping abilities "Hey you, with the shoes"

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