Monday, May 02, 2005

Asana in Azure

Yoga Bag was finished, (all but the strap) and when I seamed it up and put my yoga mat in it, I found it was too big, and I wasn't happy with it. I ripped the entire thing out. That's my first big project ripped. But it was a quick project, and I'm fine with re-doing it. It was a good "do a swatch" lesson.

I've started my Asana yoga top from the most recent Knitty. I'm using a mercerized cotton (with a bit of sheen) in a beautiful blue that seems something like a light azure/turquoise/cyan color. I love it! The color alone makes me happy.

I'm a little concerned about sizing as the garter rib they use is pretty stretchy and my fabric seems to be happy at anywhere from 15-20 stiches/4" (Yes, I swatched) I'm guessing that since it is cotton it will loosen up more, and I should be okay with the fact that my 160 stitches looks like 33 inches instead of 42. At the worst I would just use some kind of hook at the ends of the tabs (which are supposed to overlap and velcro together). I'm a little iffy on the velcro as it is, as I have a hard time imagining it being invisible, and would hate for my top to have that "tossed together" look.

I'll be visiting with friends with digital cameras, so I might even be able to post progress pics while I'm on vacation.

3 Days until Vacation!!!!!!!! YAY!

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