Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My First Knit-a-long

I joined the Asana KAL today. It's my first knit-a-long, and I'm feeling a bit like a joiner. I'm totally against trends, hate fads, never was into sororities or being popular, and always liked that what I create (paint, sculpt, knit, cook, etc.) is my own and no one else has one quite like it; so I'm not "excited" per se by a knit-a-long. I am looking forward to asking questions that people can actually answer and one day showing pictures of a finished project that makes sense and doesn't make people say "that's nice...what is it?"

I started reading the book "I'm Not the New Me" by Wendy McLure (a fellow Chicago blogger @ and am cracking up at her awesome sense of humor. I also thought it was cool that she works for Bust Magazine--the same place as Debbie Stroller of Stitch n'Bitch fame. Check out for more info, and let me know if you like the book!

Oh, and I'll be in San Francisco in 30 some hours!!! Yipee

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