Saturday, May 07, 2005


I'm having fun, but I'm very tired. I thought I'd update with what I wrote while at the airport the other day.

"I'm sitting in the airport reading. Why? because my 7:30 flight was actually at 7am and I've missed it. Next flight=2:15. (7 hours of beautiful, hard-chair filled hours)

After atbout 50 pages or so I get bored with reading, pull out my CD player and WIP bag.

I start work on my ASANA and pop in a CD. Suddenly, I'm beeming. A surreally sublime sense of rebelliousness passes over me as I rock out to The Doors and knit in a very public place with no one walking by having any idea.

I imagine what they think when they see me, what they imagine me listening to. I'm certain none of them would guess correctly.

I look around. No one really notice me, but I'm quite certain I'm the happiest person in a 100 ft radius."

I'll write more when I have time, and sleep on my side.

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