Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ribbit Ribbit

What do you get when you combine a day off of work, a new ball winder, a trip to the Salvation Army, and a knitter? ....a whole lot of nice wool sweaters to frog (unravel)!

So I bought about 12 sweaters ranging in price between 90cents and 2dollars, and after giving my SnB friends the opportunity to take any of the ones that I didn't like and didn't fit me and save them from a cruel death, I set about frogging the remainder.

Check out the remains of a lovely, very fuzzy, loosly plied DKNY red & black sweater that will now be felting fodder:

The Red and Black sleeves are asking to be made into a bag, I'm probably just going to stitch in two side panels and a strap.

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