Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's my Birthday!!!

I love birthdays. Every year I think "it's not that big of a deal, birthdays are for the young" and every year I get excited, giddy and anxious the week of my birthday. They say people usually die within a few months of their birthday and theorize that it is because people anticipate and look forward towards the "milestone" of a birthday and that afterwards there is less to look forward to. I just wonder if the same would be true for people who knew this statistic. Would they be depressed by their forthcoming doom and die BEFORE their birthday?

Yeah, sometimes I think about death a little more than most. I remember thinking that being an honor student in highschool somehow increased my worth because they would memorialize "the honor student" who died an early death more on the news than some depressed loser kid who died and never made headlines.

But back to the birthday. Every year I make a little more money I spend a little more on my birthday present to myself and gifts to other people (not proportional though, but hey, they didn't EARN it). So this year I got a digital camera, but I didn't stop there....

You see, I couldn't decide between two items that I really wanted and "needed" I really wanted a digital camera to take pictures of my knitting, of my artwork, and to get back into photography--I had been really into it for a while, but found I took rolls more photos than I ever took to get developed.

In addition, for three years I had been eyeing the same miter saw, but always dispelled the idea of buying it because of its cost. At the same time I had several times wanted to do some sort of art project but felt like I couldn't because I didn't have the necessary tools.

So I found that digital cameras had finally gotten to the size, quality, ease of use, and price that I found reasonable and wanted to buy one. The price for the one I decided on was the same as the saw I had been "saving up for" for three years.


I bought both.

Here's my new saw:

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