Saturday, June 11, 2005

My Grandfather

Earlier today my mom wrote emails to most of the extended family (6 kids, 17 grandchildren:

>Dear Family,
>I am preparing a PowerPoint presentation of pictures to be used at the funeral home and as a keepsake. I have been scanning lots of pictures. Now I would like your input. I want to include more than pictures and history. I would like to include his loved one's remembrance of the person he was, his qualities that we will always remember and love. I would like each of his children to have a slide that expresses this and as many of the grandkids or in-laws as are interested. As the presentation moves quickly, please use just a few words. Please list several choices incase we all choose the same one. Please pass on to others in the family.
>Example: My Dad:
> 1. Always humble.
> 2. Encouraged excellence
> 3. Helpful
> 4. Generous
>Please let me know as soon as possible. Suggestions for a picture to associate with your qualities are welcome. Otherwise the words will probably have flowers from their garden in the background.

First of all this is really difficult because my grandfather is still alive, but in hospice care and degrading quickly. It is hard to have to remember someone who is gone but still living.

I'm not good at single word answers, and have too many wonderful memories of my grandfather (who lived in the same town as us and taught me many things including how to drive and how to make a hair stand on end-an inside joke of sorts) were my wordy answers, though there could be so much more:

My Grandfather:

-A patient teacher
-the best "hair standing on end-er" ever
-Knew how to swallow a fork
-Wonderful Storyteller
-The Waffle Master
-Always kept the cookie jar filled
-Ear wiggler
-Built the best playground any kid could want
-Generous with his time
-Knew how to be Gentleman
-Exemplar for service to humanity
-Enjoyed a good pecan pie

I can't do anymore without crying.

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