Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Digital camera

So now that I've got my new digital camera I can run around like a mad-woman photographing everything and sharing it with the world. So of course the first thing to share would be my most recent FO, my summer shawl. (Note: I still haven't blocked it)

So here goes:

The Ultra Close Up

The Overall

The Pattern

The Matador


Anonymous said...

I popped over to your blog to comment on paperbags for merengues. And saw your wonderful shawl! What a pleasant surprise! I had no idea you knit! (so do I and I taught Mara how to when we went to visit this last January. I don't know if she has kept it up or not, but she did make a scarf.)

What I was going to tell you is that you can buy cooking parchment which is nicer than grocery bags, or get one of those silicon things. I don't know what they are called, but I have a chef friend who swears by them. Nothing (not even merengues) stick to them. And they are enlessly reusable. Quite pricey, but you may be able to find them at a discounted store like Tuesday Morning.
Madam Maman

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, I love your shawl. What stitch did you use?
Madam Maman

Valerie said...

The pattern has several different names, I've heard it called feather pattern a few places. I got the pattern off of (online magazine w/free patterns) it is called Cozy ( and I didn't buy the ultra expensive silk they recommended but went for a slightly cheaper Merino/ Silk/ Cotton/Acrylic blend. It's my "summer" shawl.