Monday, June 27, 2005

When life throws you bricks....

So when life throws you bricks...(lets just say, for rhetorical accuracy, with a series of loud slamming and crashes at 8:10 AM on a sunday through the second of your two glass front doors)... does one build a wall or some equally cheery, optimisitic drivel equivalent to lemondade? Or does one simply enjoy the basic goodness of using power tools and drilling into your beautiful wood surround glass door and slapping up masonite and two by fours that you had cleverly kept stacked along the living room wall for the past two years?

Yeah well I'm allergic to lemonade anyhow.

I must admit to feeling a bit vunerable and scared at how close we came to having our apartment broken into with us still there (though this actually didn't dawn on me until later in the day, but somewhere between drill bits, hammers and 2x4s I left behind those feelings for a bit of attitude that said, "go ahead, try something...I've got a chainsaw just waiting to be used"

I was thinking that the companies that do emergency board up services should also have a "rent a guard dog" service for people who were just broken into. I think I wouldn't mind a pacing mutt with a loud bark..just for a few nights until I have a real door again.

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